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Why are Himalayan Salt Lamps Effective?

    1.  Our computers, cell phones, tablets and TV’s all emit what is called “blue light.”  Blue light distributes positive ions which have been shown to have a negative effect on our body when exposed in excess.  With cell phones in our pockets and TV & computers for our jobs and entertainment, it happens all the time..
    2. The good news is that Himalayan Salt Lamps produce the opposite effect by emitting negative ions.  The negative ions attach to the positive ions and neutralize their power.  The negative ions themselves have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the body enhancing mood, blood-flow, rest and reducing anxiety (WebMD).

A Himalayan Salt Lamp can increase the negative ions in a room by 600%!

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Testimonies from Real People!

My son has asthma and I placed one in his room to see if it would help with his breathing and also for a glowing light at night.  Over the next several months I realized his breathing continued to improve.  I took him to a doctor and the doctor was amazed.  The only thing I had done differently was to add salt lamps to his room.  They are not coming out.


I originally bought a salt lamp for my mother to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but within a few short weeks I realized her anxiety was markedly reduced!  I bought two more immediately.



Best Selling Salt Lamp

This is the Best Selling Himalayan Salt lamp of all time!  Eye-catching, warm light and a healthy addition to your home.

Lantern Style Basket Salt Lamp

A beautiful Salt Lamp that hangs like a lantern and glows like a fire.  It purifies the air while adding a stylish accent.

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

Enjoy a fire bowl warm glowing lamp in your home.  It’s an attractive way to cleanse the air (and there’s no smoke in this fire bowl!).

Himalayan Heart Salt Lamp

Heart Lamps are definite conversation starters.  Enjoy this eco-friendly work of art as it works to clean the air in your home.

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